Easy Easter Crafts For Toddlers & Young Children

It's Easter so of course we were going to do some Easter themed crafts! We've got a few Easter decorations up at the moment, but I wanted some sort of garland to go in the living room. We seem to have this one wall which is 'the seasonal wall' which needed something! Also we needed to make some Easter cards for our friends and family, so we did that too! Let me know what you think!

Easy Easter Crafts For Toddlers & Young Children

These 3 crafts are all aimed at young children, as they are easy, fun and not too time consuming! Saying that, I'm sure children of all ages would have great fun trying these out!

Easter Egg Garland
I love how this turned out! I cut out lots of easter eggs out of white card, and we were just planning on painting them normally, but I thought it might be fun to do some printing instead. We used up some paint that had nearly run out by putting lots of splodges on a large sheet of paper and printed the eggs in the paint. I then used an old card I had in my purse, to sort of spread the paint out.

After letting them dry, I attached them to a long piece of string using tape, and hung it up! I think it looks really effective, what do you think?

Handprint Sheep
I saw this craft on Pinterest and loved it, I knew we had to try it! We used black card, and each drew around our hands twice, so there would be four baby lambs and two mummy sheep! I cut out our handprints, and we covered them in glue. Using cotton wool we stuck it on the sheep bodies (I did give them a slight hair cut when they had dried! Only a little bit!) When they were dry, we drew on little faces! They're so cute aren't they!

Finger Paint Easter Cards
We love to make homemade cards for our friends and family, so we decided to do some finger paint cards! My little guy is really funny with touching paint (no idea why!), but I was recommended this awesome ink pad, which is perfect and so much cleaner! 

We simply used yellow to put their finger prints onto cards I had folded! When they were dry, I added the little chick details! I love them!

Will you be making Easter crafts with your little ones this year?
Easy Easter Crafts For Toddlers & Young Children

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