11 Things You Can Donate To Charity

I've spoken before about different ways we can give to charity, without actually donating any money. Honestly, with things how they are, a lot of us just don't have spare money left, as much as we'd like to be able to give it. One thing most of us can do is donate something! There are many items that you might not know you could actually give to charity, so I'm sharing a few ideas here! 

11 Things You Can Donate To Charity

Probably the most popular way to donate to charity is by giving away your clothes. As long as they are in good condition most charity shops will gladly accept your donations. Even coats, shoes & children's clothes! 

Furniture is another common thing to donate, and also a great thing to buy from charity shops! You can often find some really unique pieces. Most charity shops will collect your items from you too!

Your Car
If you are looking to buy a new car, why not consider donating your old car to charity? GiveACar is a not for profit organisation that will collect your car from you anywhere in the UK, scrap it and donate the money to a charity of your choice.

Whether you have a well used Ford Fiesta or a relatively new Range Rover, you can donate any car you’re thinking of getting rid of. If you’re replacing it anyway, there’s no reason not to donate it.

Why not give your bookshelves a bit of a clear out and donate your good quality books to a local charity shop. You could even have a quick browse through your children's books to see if there's any they don't enjoy, or perhaps have grown out of!

Your Hair
If you have long hair, cutting it off and donating it to charity is such a fantastic thing to do. Donating your hair allows charities to create wigs for others who really need them. If you're in the UK try Little Princess Trust.

Electrical Items
A few charity shops will accept your household electrical goods, but they are other things you can donate too. Many charities will recycle your old phones for you, and you can even donate your old pcs and computers!

Your Voice
It is now possible to donate your voice to a 'human voicebank'. It's not like a Little Mermaid scenario, but you can record yourself reading and donate your voice to others who have severe speech impediments. Read more about it here, it's really fascinating actually!
Children's Items
Charity shops will also generally accept clean, good condition toys! Puzzles, dolls, cars, cuddly toys anything at all. As long as it has a CE mark. 

Your Photos
If you are a keen photographer, why not consider donating your photos to a worthy cause? The Photo Foundation allows you to share your photos, allowing them to be used for charitable causes. 

As well as furniture, you can donate all sorts of homeware items. From decor, accessories, even bedding and curtains. Pillows, storage, the list is endless. I guarantee you'll have something in your home you could easily donate to a charity shop.

Your Time
Last, but certainly not least donating your time. There are so many ways you can volunteer for charities. Most of the time, they rely on volunteers to be able to keep doing what they are doing. Ask in your local charity shop, or visit the website of a charity you'd really like to help. Just a few hours can make the world of difference.

I've said it before, but I really believe there are ways #WeCanAllHelp. Every single one of us. So why not go through this list, and donate something today.

What have you donated recently? 

11 Things You Can Donate To Charity

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