My Dream Office Wishlist

I've always wanted my own office. Right now I don't even really need one, but that doesn't stop me wishing. My dream office would be a mixture of a classic office - desk, computer etc and a craft room! That'd just be heaven!
I was going for a simple, clean look with a few crazy, bright touches. Definitely me. 
I love this desk, it isn't your typical desk, but I love a good corner desk & this one is so simple and pretty! With extra storage too - bonus!

I love Red Candy products, there's just something for everyone, and every room! This cactus desktop organiser is just so cute! It even has a magnetic arm for keeping those paper clips safe! I love it! 

In my dream office, it'd just be my personal space. Which means no little ones coming in, making a mess and knocking over my plants! So obviously i'd need some kind of funky houseplant. I absolutely love the look of these airplants, and they are actually a DIY!

Pegboards are such a creative and unique way to display your items, I love them! This wooden pegboard is very simple, yet adorable! 

I've admired this cat planter for so long! Isn't it just the coolest thing ever!! This cat planter is self watering, as long as you fill up the dish, so the cat can drink from it! Its just so adorable!! You can also buy a dog, panda & frog planters!

I love the look of this chair, and the colour! Wouldn't it just look perfect with a big, white fluffy cushion on it!

Every office needs a cosy rug! I love a good shaggy rug, and this one would be just perfect in the neutral shade. You could just snuggle down into it! 

What are these? You might ask. Are they pompoms? They are in fact lights! But no ordinary lights. You can create your own set of lights here! They're just so pretty & unique!

What would be in your dream office?

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