15 Movies That'll Give You Summer Vibes

Summer will be here any day now! The sun is shining, and we are sweating our butts off. What better way to get out of the heat for a while, and cool down with a summer movie?! So open all your windows and cool off with a cold drink in front of the tv! Or if you fancy really making a day out of it, you could set up a projector and create your own back garden cinema!

15 Movies That'll Give You Summer Vibes

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American Pie 2
The American Pie movies just take me back to my young teen years. I love them. The music is so good! American Pie 2 is all about their summer vacation, and it's brilliant. (Currently on Netflix)

Grown Ups
What better way to have a holiday than to take your whole family, all your friends and all their families! Makes for a ridiculously crazy trip! I love all the actors & actresses in this movie, it's great! (Currently on Amazon Prime Video)

A little hidden gem of a movie. All about working in a unique theme park over the summer. Definitely recommend a watch. (Currently on Amazon Prime Video)

This had to be on here didn't it? Great summer movie, but it might put you off swimming in the sea! (Currently on Amazon Prime Video)

National Lampoons Vacation
Another summer classic. Chevy Chase is just the icon of summer vacation isn't he? He'll make you determined to have an awesome vacation, anything will be better than his! (Currently on Amazon Prime Video)

15 Movies That'll Give You Summer Vibes

Eat Pray Love
A beautiful, inspirational modern summer classic. Julia Roberts is amazing in it (Well she's amazing in anything) (Currently on Amazon Prime Video & Netflix)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
A movie based in the summeriest place ever - Hawaii! I actually freaking love this movie, Jason Segel & Mila Kunis. YES. Aside from all the comedy, it will definitely definitely make you wish you were there! (Currently on Amazon Prime Video)

The Way Way Back
A less well known movie, but fantastic all the less. All about a teenager who spends his vacation escaping his bizarre family by spending his summer in a water park! (Currently on Amazon Prime Video)

I do love a good Disney movie. Hell, I even love the bad ones. (Are there any?) I wouldn't say this movie was 'summery' but it'll make you and in the mood to celebrate the sunshine! (Currently on Amazon Prime Video & Disney+)

Dirty Dancing
I'm sure no one else's Summers were like that! (Currently on Amazon Prime Video)

Mamma Mia
Cheesy as hell but I was in Skiathos & Skopelos around the time they were filming 10 years ago. Amazing part of the world! (Currently on Youtube for £)

Swallows & Amazons
It's amazing. Great for kids, like the summer version of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe! (Currently on Amazon Prime Video)

Now & Then
Used to love watching that as a kid and wishing I had a group of friends to cycle around with! (Currently on Amazon Prime Video)

Dazed & Confused
Featuring a young Matthew McConaughey & Ben Affleck. All about the end of the school year, and very nostalgic. (Currently on Amazon Prime Video)

Just Go With It
I love Just Go With It. It has Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston in it, and it's set in Hawaii. Awesome film. (Currently on Amazon Prime Video & Netflix)

What's your favourite Summer movie?

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15 Movies That'll Give You Summer Vibes

15 Movies That'll Give You Summer Vibes

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