Current Kitchen Wishlist

We all like to dream right? Dream about all the things we'd buy if we had the money! I've been adding a few homely personal touches to each of our rooms recently. I really want to add a few more bits and pieces to our kitchen to make it feel more like us so I put together a little kitchen wishlist!

How freaking gorgeous are these kitchen scales. I love the retro feel of them, and the colour is so pretty! I only ever have cheap rubbish scales that are hidden away when not in use, but I would gladly display these proudly!

Isn't this Milkshake Maker amazing?! I love a good milkshake, and my little girlie loves them too and drinks them on a regular basis! Not only would this look so cool in the kitchen, it would make real proper milkshakes! Yummy!

I love the industrial feel of this Calendar, and I love the colour of the wood & the chunkiness of it. Definitely something I would display proudly, and hopefully remember to change every day!
I love this mini indoor allotment! You can grow herbs in your window sill in this super cute garden, and the little shed even opens too so you can store your seeds in there!
I've wanted this Smart iKettle for ages! With a click of a button you can set your kettle to boil when your alarm goes off. You can even set it so it starts boiling when you get home. What a welcome! 
Arent these copper bowls so pretty? They are great sizes, perfect for soup or salad but in all honesty, I don't think I could use them they're too beautiful!
I've seen loads of these prints flying around, but they are always for coffee! As I don't drink coffee, and I absolutely love a good cuppa (and need one first thing in the morning!) I thought this print would be perfect for me!

Which item is your favourite?

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