DIY Water Bombs {Tutorial}

What better way to keep cool & have fun in the sun than to have a water fight? Much better than the water balloons you can buy, reusable and easier to fill up with water - DIY Water Bombs!
You Will Need:
* 3 Sponges per water bomb
* A Ruler, Scissors & A Pen
* String
* Water - obviously

1. First you'll need to divide each sponge into 3 equal strips, and cut them out.
2. Place a long length of string across the counter & and stack the sponge strips, alternating the colours. Make sure they are stacked across the middle of the string.
3. Tie the string really tightly around the sponges, and cut off the excess string.
4. Dip the water bomb into water and you are good to go! 

Did you have water fights as a child?

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