Eating Well On A Budget With Organix

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive – you can cut down your costs and save money each week just by spending a little time planning what you’ll cook and eat, and with a little savvy buying, cooking family meals that are filling, tasty and inexpensive will be easier than you think. Try some of these great money saving tips for your weekly shop!
4 ways to eat well for less
Less is more
Organic meat and fish do cost a little more so try to make them a treat and add more vegetarian meals to your weekly diet. Meat can definitely be pricey, we tend to bulk buy or even buy frozen and make it last longer.

Smaller portions
We all tend to eat more than we need to, control portion sizes by weighing out pasta and rice, and try using smaller plates to serve up. Weighing out dry produce is definitely a great tip. We are all guilty of cooking WAY too much spaghetti right?! Eating smaller portions & adding more veggies is definitely a good idea.

Feed the family
Get your little ones eating the same meals – simply puree or chop up their portion to suit, making sure not to use any salt when cooking. I've always done this, and I would never have it any other way. I hate cooking more than one meal! You don't want to have to buy more meals because you have fussy eaters!

Waste less
Freeze any unused food – food storage bags and boxes are really handy! Batch cooking & making larger portions of meals is a great tip. Cook bigger meals & freeze the leftovers. Perfect for when you cant be bothered to cook or are low on funds.

Organix snacks are great for ensuring your little ones get all the goodness they need. Their foods are made with only the best organic ingredients and I guarantee there will be something your little ones will love! Some of our household favourites are their Cheese & Herb Puffs and Mini Gingerbread Men!

Anna Rosier, Managing Director at Organix says: “Being savvy about how much you spend on food is better for your purse, but it doesn’t have to mean offering your family a smaller range of food.  Making good food choices means you can still give your little ones delicious tasting food, and a healthy balanced diet, that encourages the development of their love of food and helps shape their food preferences.”

A little meal planning and savvy shopping #SmallWins    

*This post was published in exchanged for some Organix products*

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