Happy 2nd Birthday Little Guy

My little guy is two today. I cant believe it. These two years have flown by and even though I probably still treat him like it, he's really not my baby anymore. He's officially not a baby anymore! 
It makes me a bit sad, but he's growing up into this happy, funny, hilarious little boy and I couldn't be prouder of him. He's walking, talking, fighting. Haha. Well him and his sister get along SO well - most of the time, but they do have fights now and then but what siblings don't! They love each other so much, and really take care of each other. Even when I tell one of them off, the other one goes to comfort them! 

He's going to be starting nursery this year too, that seems crazy to me! What am I going to do with myself?! I have honestly only ever spent a few hours without my little ones since they've been born! I'm going to get emotional when he goes I know it. 

He's also saying so much now. It's so sweet. He's definitely talking a bit later than his big sister, but that's ok. He knows what he wants, and he knows how to express it. He's a very smart little guy.
He's also so affectionate & cuddly, a real mama's boy. I wonder how long that will last! I'm sure making the most of every minute.

So happy birthday little guy. You're my favourite boy in the whole world. I am so proud of you each and everyday. You both make me cry happy tears. I love you so much. 
Stop growing up so fast okay?

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