Summer Garden Wishlist

What better time to update your garden than Summer? Flowers are growing, the grass is green & all you want to do is be outside! So why not make the most of the sunshine and spruce up your outdoor space! I've put together a little Summer Garden Wishlist
We've been really working hard recently to make our garden look like an actual garden. We live in a rented property & the layout of the garden was just bizarre, and there was no room for any actual plants! We've rearranged it a bit and with a lot of help from my mum, we've got loads of beautiful flowers growing! We still need some bits and pieces to make it perfect though.
One thing we really need is a shed! We have no storage in our garden right now, just organised mess! This shed would be perfect for us, as it's just the right side. I think I'd paint it a pale blue and grow loads of roses up the side! 

How pretty are these little heart solar lights! I do love string lights, even better that they are solar!

I wish our garden was big enough for a pool like this! We'd never leave the garden! This pool looks like a great size & so much fun!

I freaking love these pink flamingos! They remind me of something out of Sims! (anyone?) Tacky - maybe, but totally awesome.

We all need somewhere comfy to chill out & relax in the garden! How amazing does this daybed look! I love the curved look of it, and the pull out table! Fishpools have loads of fantastic garden items! 

I do love a good planter! This one is so awesome & chunky, I love it. It reminds me of a picket fence! Very cottage-y. Would love to grow some giant sunflowers in here, wouldn't that be perfect?

Last, but certainly not least - how amazing is this Pond In A Pot! I've always wanted a pond, and this one looks perfect. I love it so much! 

Which of my picks is your favourite?

*This is a collaborative post*

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