11 Ways To Get Summer Inspired

The days are longer, the weathers warmer (hopefully). For me summer is all about relaxing. Enjoying the free time you have, not stressing so much and embracing the sunshine. Especially as we don't have that much of it in the UK! In the past, I've felt like I've sort of wasted the summer & the sunshine. Not getting outside enough, or not enjoyed myself enough. Truth is, I can't deal with it when it's too hot! But on those comfortably hot days, it's nice to get outdoors and really take it all in. So if you need a bit of motivation, here are 11 Ways To Get Summer Inspired.
Why not start with something a little different and go on a bike ride? You don't have to go anywhere uphill, just spend time cycling through the breeze and really embracing the outdoors. I used to love doing this. Whether you go with your friends or alone, go on a little adventure and explore.

Kick back, relax and just chill out. Don't do any too strenuous and let all your worries free for a while. Pop the suncream on, some shades and put a blanket down. Grab a book or a bunch of magazines and do nothing else

Get out in the garden and plant some flowers! Why not look for some butterfly & bee friendly flowers and make your garden all pretty! You don't even need a big garden, you could grow some in a few pots, or even in your windowsill!

Something that has to be on everyones Summer To Do List - Get on the beach! Make sure you do all the typical beachy things too! Make a sandcastle, sunbathe, eat an icecream & chips on the beach (not together though), swim in the sea & skim some stones. 

Summer is the perfect time for stargazing! It's warm enough to be outside, even when it's dark. You just might have to wait a little longer for the sun to go down! The sky will be clearer and you could even make an evening of it. Light some candles and pop a blanket down. This would make an amazing date night idea! 

Making the most of the sunshine can sometimes mean still doing what you would normally be doing - but outside! Why not get creative outside and try something new. Perhaps do some painting, or writing or even attempt a summer craft

Another classic thing to do in the summer is have a picnic or a bbq! Or both! Why not make up a big picnic and find a beautiful secluded spot, perhaps by a river? You could even decorate the garden a little, invite a couple of friends over and have a bbq?

Update your music and create a Summer Playlist! What songs just remind you of the sunshine, happiness, getting outside? One of my personal favourites is Corinne Bailey Rae's - Put Your Records On! What would be on your playlist?

Are you the type of person who packs away their clothes for the changing seasons? Why not dive in & explore your wardrobe? (Not like Narnia, HahaWhat hidden gems can you find that you've completely forgotten about? Those summer outfits you put away when winter was here and all you wanted was jumpers!
On a similar note, why not embrace the changing seasons and get a new look! Cut your hair differently, or dye it a new colour! Try out some more summery shades of make up or even wear something you didn't think you'd be able to pull off, but you totally rock it. 

If it's technically Summer, but the weather is having an off day and isn't too great, why not stay inside and pop on a Summer themed movie? It'd cheer you up, and totally put you back in the summery mood.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you make the most of that sunshine while it's here. Get outside, enjoy yourself & have a good time!

What puts you in a summery mood?

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