5 Summer DIYs You Have To Try!

Get in the mood & celebrate Summer with these awesome DIYs! They were a lot of fun to make and they all turned out super cute. I especially love the vase! Which one will you be giving a go? 5 Summer DIYs You Have To Try This Year! 
The first summer craft I made this year, and my personal favourite. Watermelon Vase!

For this craft all you will need is a tall jar & acrylic paint - and flowers of course! I just painted the vase in a light pink colour, waited for it to dry & add the pale green to the bottom and the seeds using a black paint marker! Fill it up with water & pop in some cute summer flowers!
The second craft is super simple, but totally adorable - Pineapple Canvas Bag!

You will need a plain canvas bag, a pencil, fabric paint & a piece of cardboard. Pop the cardboard inside the bag to give you something to lean on & prevent the paint from soaking through. Draw the outline of the pineapple with pencil quite lightly & paint! Leave it to dry, and you could do what I did & add a bit of glitter paint. (Because who doesn't love glitter?) Leave it to dry & you're done!

I've seen this craft floating around Pinterest, and I really wanted to give it a go! I think it turned out well, but its not as cute of some others I have seen to be honest. You could definitely use your imagination and make these really unique and pretty - 
Pinecone Flowers!

All you'll need is pinecones & acrylic paint - and something to cut your pinecones with! Cutting pinecones is not an easy job! They are a lot tougher than they look. You'll need to cut the ends of the pinecones off, and just leave the flat bottoms. In the end I ended up pulling all the bits off and cutting through the middle with a sharp knife. After you've got over that mission, you can paint your pinecones. If you want them to be bright you can paint them a layer of white, and then a bright colour on top. Add a little white dot for the center of the flower & arrange in a bowl!

I like to have a little canvas up for each changing season, no idea why! I painted this little Hello Sunshine Summer Canvas this year. 

Just using a plain canvas, yellow acrylic paint & a white paint marker. I then used a thin gold paint marker to add a few sparkly gold dots!

I love this last one so much! I've been having a lot of fun with clay lately & I thought this would be a great way to incorporate Summer! Mini Clay Cactuses!

All you will need for this is air dry clay, acrylic paint and teeny tiny plant pots. I found mine on eBay. Using the air dry clay, create some little cactus shapes - be creative! Pop to the side & add some more clay to fill up the little plant pot. Get the clay in the plant pot a tiny bit wet & pop the cactus on top. Smooth it all out so they are stuck together & leave to dry. Paint them however you fancy. I also added a bit of varnish just to keep them pretty!

What do you think? Will you be trying any of these DIYs this Summer?
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