7 Summer Crafts For Your Little Ones To Try

It's the Summer Holidays so it's time to get outdoors & enjoy that sunshine. No..wait. In the England we had a few days of Summer, and now a lot of rain to make up for it. So if you are stuck indoors with your little ones, trying to think of ways to keep them entertained - why not make some fun Summer Inspired crafts together? Grab the glue, paper, paint & googly eyes & lets get creative! 7 Summer Crafts For Your Little Ones To Try.

If you don't fancy digging out all the art supplies, why not just grab some paint & paper - and give these fun Handprint Sunflowers a go? 

Let your little ones dip there hands in yellow paint and print in a circle to create the petals for the sunflower. Cut out a stem & leaves, and glue them on. When the petals are dry, get your little ones to use their fingers to print the seeds. I actually love how these have turned out!

While you've got the paints out, why not create some beautiful Rainbow Paintings? Using a sponge, put a line of each colour in the rainbow on the sponge. Like this; 

Then all you need to do is wipe the sponge across the paper, in a rainbow shaped curve and ta-da! They've turned out so pretty don't you think?

A fun way to reuse toilet rolls is to create these funky Toilet Roll Bee's

Toilet rolls are so versatile craft-wise, but what's more summery than buzzy bees?! Just let your little ones paint the rolls yellow, and when dry - add the black stripes. Leave that all to dry and let them glue on some googly eyes, pipe cleaners & wings!

Another way to really get in the summer mood is to make some fun Paper Ice Lollies! 

Cut out curved ice lolly shapes from coloured paper or foam. Let your little ones decorate the lollies with whatever they fancy- stickers, pom poms even paint! We used glitter glue to make the 'sauce'. Once the lolly is dry, glue a jumbo lolly stick to it! Slurp!

Speaking of lolly sticks, why not make some happy little Lolly Stick Suns! 

Using normal size lolly sticks, glue them together in a star shape. We added some more good old glitter glue to make it sparkle! Cut out 2 small circles out of yellow card and glue into the middle. Add a cute little face and you're done! I love how happy these little guys look!

Possibly the easiest craft on here, but something a little different - Paper Boats! 

I could never figure out how to make those paper boats that you just fold out of a piece of paper, you know, the ones that looked like sailor hats? So these are a great, and super easy alternative! Cut out a little house shape out of white card (you could also cut a long triangle shape). Paint these shapes whatever colour your little one likes. Cut out another piece of card, this time a small rectangle shape. Poke a cocktail stick through to create a sail. Poke the cocktail stick into the boat and set sail!

Last but not least, a little colourful creation - Paper Spinners! 

Cut out a cardboard circle, and 2 circles out of white paper - all the same size. Decorate the white paper in bright, beautiful coloured patterns. Glue the circles to the cardboard, one on each side. When dry, poke two holes next to each each in the centre of the circle. Poke the string through the holes and tie the loose ends so it's one long loop that goes through the circle. Let your little on hold onto each end of the string, and spin the circle around so the string gets twisted, then pull the ends! Looser & harder, and watch it spin!

Will you be trying any of these with your little ones this summer?

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