9 Ways To Exercise Without Breaking The Bank

I am always jealous of the people who can afford a personal trainer, fitness equipment or even a gym membership. But if you think that's the only way you can really exercise, you're wrong. Use every opportunity you can to do a bit of exercise & get outside more! So here are 9 Ways You Can Exercise For Free.

Turn Your Home Into A Gym
Pop on some music and work out in your very own living room, you can even use pieces in your home to help - such as the stairs, or using tin cans in your cupboard as weights! (Surely we've all done this one, right?)

Visit The Library
If you aren't sure of which exercises you should be doing, or how to do them correctly, why not pop to your local library? They're bound to have fitness dvds you can rent, or helpful books you can borrow. You never know what you might find.

Walk More
A simple one, but effective none the less. Try and fit walking into your everyday life and it will definitely make a difference, I promise. Walk to the shops, instead of drive. Get off the bus one stop early, or just take some time out of your day to go on a nice long walk. 

Watch YouTube
There are so many workout videos on Youtube, seriously. Type in how much time you've got to spare, how intense you want the work out to be or what area you want to focus on. Some of my favourites are Blogilates or Fitness Blender.

Use Fitness Apps
There are so many free fitness apps out there. Ones that help you count calories, ones that plan out your weeks meals, and there are plenty that will support you exercising. Either by timing or planing routes, showing you routines or even counting steps! Couch to 5k is a brilliant one for beginners. 

Go On A Buggy Walk
If you are a parent & struggling to find time to work out, why not take your little ones with you? You could just pop them in the pushchair and walk around where you live. Be sure to walk up a few hills! Or you could have a look around and see if there are any buggy walks near you. Meeting up with a group of other parents, visiting somewhere a bit different, spending time with your little ones and getting some exercise too!

Try A Trim Trail
Trim Trails are like a mixture between an outdoor gym & an assault course. The trails are generally in public parks or similar places, so totally free and a great chance to get outside too! Have a look and see if they have one near you! 

Go For A Park Run
Park runs are organised all over the country. Total free, 5k runs around beautiful UK scenery. Everyone of any ability or age can take part. There's no limits! Why not have a look here and see if there's going to be any near you!

Swap With Friends
If you want to try out a new fitness dvd, or even a piece of equipment - perhaps your friends have one you could borrow. Maybe you could lend them some of yours at the same time?

Have you ever been on a Park Run or a Trim Trail?

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