Barleymows Maize Maze & Farm Shop

We are always looking for new places to explore, and new places to visit with the family. Something that I remember doing as a child, and really wanted to do again as an adult - was visit a Maize Maze. It might sound silly but they really are so much fun, and definitely not just for children. We found out that there was actually one fairly near to us in Chard, so we had to visit!

Barleymows is a mainly a local farm shop, but there is also a lovely restaurant (which we popped in afterwards for a cuppa!), a campsite, children's play area and of course the maize maze. When we arrived we headed straight for the maze. I had been told that the maze was huge, and really high - which was definitely true. We were advised to take a big flag in with us, in case we got lost, me..being my naive self, I decided we didn't need one. But boy did we get lost! Haha. 

The maze itself was fantastic, and yes it was huge! My sister and I ended up miles away from anyone else, and we somehow got off the main path too. Don't do that. We all luckily managed to find our way out in the end, and meet up. Truthfully I was getting a bit scared alone in the middle of nowhere! I definitely recommend visiting and trying the maze, but please don't let your children wander off and make sure you take a flag! Trust me.

(This is when I was alone, and very lost)

From July To September as well as the maze there were a huge variety of outdoor activities for little ones. Trampolines, sports & games, play houses and a huge slide on top of haybales. 

The slide was really fun, for all ages, and it was really quite fast! My little ones have turned into daredevils when it comes to slides & they just tend to throw themselves down! Someone always has to be at the bottom to catch them! 

There was also a really fantastic tractor ride for the little ones. (I was really jealous I couldn't have a go! Haha) The farmer was driving the tractor whilst pulling along these barrel seats for the little ones to sit in. It was so cool! My little guy was a bit worried first of all as he was sat by himself so I ended up holding his hand, while walking beside him - then the tractor sped up! I found myself running beside my little boy at least half the way around while the farmer was laughing at me. Then I just had to stop, but it was hilarious! 

We spent the majority of the day here, and it really is such an amazing place. We didn't spend much time in the shop or restaurant but I'd definitely recommend visiting Barleymows if you have a chance. We're going back next weekend! 

*Please note - the maize maze & outdoor activities are only open from Saturday 22nd July to Sunday 3rd September 2017

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