Encouraging Your Little Ones To Keep Fit & Healthy

There are always times when it’s a challenge to get your little ones off the sofa, and tear them away from Peppa Pig, to do some exercise and physical activities. However, your kids will lead a much healthier lifestyle and burn off all that excitable energy (that you don’t want around bath and bedtime), if they’re doing regular exercise. It can be a bit of trial and error regarding what your children will enjoy doing, but the sooner you encourage them to get stuck into something, the better their health and wellbeing will become. The following are some ideas for busy parents who want to incorporate some activities into their little one’s routine and ensure they’re as fit and healthy as possible.
Weekly Clubs And Teams
Enrolling your children into an organised activity or a sports team, will not only ensure they’re doing regular exercise; it’ll be a confidence boost and will allow them to make new friends. An hour or so a couple of times a week will also give you some time to nip to the supermarket, or even grab a coffee and relax for a while. Team sports like football, netball, hockey, and rugby might interest your little ones when they watch them on the T.V, making them the perfect choice for your first port of call.

Lessons in tennis or a particular style of dance, are other ways to encourage your child’s passion and keep them healthy and happy. As long as your little one is enjoying themselves when they’re at their club or lesson; they’ll continue to be enthusiastic about being fit and active.

Fun Stuff At Home
Perhaps after-school clubs and extracurricular activities aren’t something that you can fit into your current lifestyle. Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to wear your little ones out at home (and you’ll save money in the long run). Make your garden the first place your child or children want to visit after school, or when they get up on Saturday morning. It’s worth looking into suitable trampolines for your outdoor space and encouraging the kids to bounce all their energy away. Trampolining is a great cardio workout for people of any age; so get involved and join the kids for hours of bouncing fun!

Balls for tennis, rugby, basketball, and football, can be easily obtained; so stock up on them and your children will always have something to kick or throw around outside (cricket bats and tennis rackets are an optional extra). Not every day will have the weather suitable for outdoor play; so put a DVD, computer game, or a recording on the T.V that focuses on dancing. Music and dance are an appealing way to move around and giggle; making it a perfect activity for bored little ones on rainy days. Don’t forget that there’s always the park; a place set up with slides and climbing frames which will ensure your child is having fun as they keep active and healthy. You’ll also get the chance to sit on a bench with a takeaway coffee; bliss!

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