Is Your Home Safe For Your Little Ones?

I always worry about my little ones hurting themselves. I mean you do as a parent don't you? You try not to wrap them in cotton wool, but you also want to prevent any bumps, bruises or injuries! No one can make their home completely child proof, but they are a few things we can all do make it just that little bit safer. Is Your Home Safe For Your Little Ones?

The first thing that sprung to mind was stair gates! I swear they are just something you automatically know to buy when you have kids! More often than not, most parents tend to have at least two! Perhaps on the little ones bedroom door, or the top of the stairs, or even the bottom of the stairs. If you are expecting, or have a newborn..go and buy a stair gate before it's too late. 

Make sure your electricals & sockets are out of reach. Ensure wires and leads are out of reach of children, and if you have low sockets make sure you use plug socket covers. Imagine how much fun sockets must look to little ones? 'What happens if I stick my finger in there?!' Also..please..please do not leave things plugged in and switched on when not in use, especially hot items like hair straighteners.

Keep all dangerous items way out of reach. Medicines, cleaning products, even scissors and razors. DO NOT leave razors on the edge of the bath tub after your bath. Put them away. 

Ensure your little ones don't pinch their little fingers in anything. You can buy pinch guards that prevent little ones slamming their fingers in doors or windows, or install gas ruts on your little one's toy boxes to keep little hands safe.

One thing I definitely forgot to buy for a long time were corner guards. They are little items that you pop on the corner of counters or tables to prevent little heads or eyes bonking into them. Little ones don't always tend to look where they are going!

If you have blinds, with long blind cords in your home - honestly, I'd suggest replacing them with curtains! Long blind cords are extremely dangerous for little ones, as they can easily get tangled - or strangled. So please rethink your blinds, or at least ensure at all times that the cords are far far out of reach of children.

I don't really feel like I need to mention fire guards, but I will anyway. If you have a fire of any sort, or even radiators that get pretty hot, please get a fire guard. Fire's are so dangerous, and so unpredictable.

Another item I feel you just automatically buy as a parent is cupboard and drawer locks! I swear when little ones get to a certain age, cupboards and drawers are the most fascinating thing ever! 'How quickly can we empty this entire drawer?!' 'I wonder if this tastes nice'! Not to mention little fingers getting trapped too. Our little ones have got over the really naughty cupboard phase, but the little guy still sneaks in one now & then to scoff cat biscuits. Ugh.

One last thing, something that has always worried me - wardrobes. Well not just wardrobes, but any large furniture or even TVs, anything heavy that could possibly fall - please bolt down. Ideally don't put any heavy furniture in your little ones bedroom but if you have to please make it incredibly secure. I don't know why but this has always been one of my biggest worries, because children are sneaky, and quiet and like to climb, and dresser drawer make perfect steps. It's just so dangerous.

Some people might think doing all of these would actually be wrapping your kids in cotton wool, but in all honesty I wouldn't listen to those people. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Do you have any other tips for keeping your home safe for your little ones?

*This is a collaborative post*

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