What Are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are the foundation for every bone and organ in your body! There are lots of different types of stem cells, that come from different places of your body or are formed at different times throughout your life. Did you know that it is possible to donate stem cells, and potentially save someone's life?

You can donate them as an adult or even as a newborn baby. It sounds a bit scary - but actually, stem cells can be collected from the umbilical cord & placenta. Isn't that fascinating? I certainly didn't know that! This is safe & painless for the mum & the little one as it's done after the cord is clamped and cut. Over 30,000 stem cell transplants from cord blood have taken place to be used in the treatment of many forms of blood disorders, immune disorders, metabolic disorders, neurological disorders & even cancer. Smart Cells have put together this really interesting infographic, which should give you a bit more information. Have you ever thought about donating stem cells?

*This post has been written by me but information provided in a press release by Smart Cells

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