Sylvanian Families Toy Poodle & Candy Wagon {Review}

Sylvanian Families are the most beautiful toys. They're iconic, nostalgic and I bet you had a few sets when you were little! I know I did, including the Hedgehog family that I loved! The characters and families are so sweet, so loveable. The buildings and accessories are all so beautifully designed and detailed. Every single item is a treasure. 
The Toy Poodle family are a fairly new addition to the family. With their cute golden fur, and their amazingly beautiful outfits they are a perfect addition to any 'Sylvanian Family'. My little ones were so excited when they arrived in the post, and they got to play with the little dog family. My little girl immediately starting playing with the mum & dad, and my little guy played with the two children. It was so sweet. I have always loved the adorable, yet slightly old fashioned outfits the families wear. They're so cute! I love how all the characters have a little bit of background story, and full names too. The Toy Poodle's surname is Cakebread. SO SWEET.

As well as the toy poodle family, my little ones were also given a Candy Wagon playset. A push-along wagon to sell lots of colourful candy! It's another relatively new addition to the Sylvanian Families collection, and it's adorable. I love the pastel colours, and all the different sweet items for your characters to choose from!
I love Slyvanian families so much, and I'm so happy my little ones have finally been introduced to them! Not only are they beautiful, classic toys but Sylvanian families promote wholesome, imaginative play. Encouraging child to nuture and love, create their own games and stories.

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received the playsets to review. All opinions are my own.

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