On Being A Better Blogger

Blogging, it's something that is actually pretty fun, as you get to talk about all the things that you love and that are in your mind. It can also be hard work though. As like anything you do the drive to get better and better is always there. So with that in mind here are some easy tips on how to improve your blogging and be a better blogger.
On writing topics
Now some bloggers don't find this part hard at all, in fact, they have topics to write about coming out of their ears. While others struggle to find things that will appeal to their target audience and be original.

The best advice here is always choose something you are passionate about. It doesn't have to be a big moral cause, or though if it is, that's great too! You just have to be able to talk about it with a little fire in your belly!  

That is one of the reasons blogging is so much fun because you can actually talk about stuff that is important to your life, and because it's on the web, you can connect with others that feel the same (and some that don't too!) through the comments section. Just remember that an honestly and authentically written post on something that matters to you is infinitely more readable than a piece on something you don't really care about, but think your audience will want.

On photos
Of course, it's easy to think blogging is all about the written word, but that isn't quite the case is it? It's also about the visual style of your blog, and the images that you use to illustrate your points.


In particular original images work brilliantly because they add a layer of authenticity to what you are doing, and help to give you readers true insight into what you are talking about. Unfortunately, not all of us are natural David Baileys, and that is why it can be useful to attend something like one of the photography workshops that are run regularly in the UK.  So you can learn the basic of taking a better pic and use this to help improve the visual sides of your blog.


On writing style
Writing style is a funny old thing. We spend loads of time in school learning the basics, but never really get to the point that we start to develop our own style and voice. But blogging is a great way of doing this.  In fact, having a specific way of writing or a voice that contains a little of your personality is great, because folks not only respond to the content but your take on it.


In a way, you are giving your audience a little bit of yourself, and it's this personal connection that many folks find appealing, especially on lifestyle blogs. So don't be afraid to make a few jokes or even be a little sarcastic if that's your natural MO, as this can definitely improve your blogging.

*This is a collaborative post

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