30 Genuinely Scary Movies To Creep You Out This Halloween

I love my scary movies. Since having children I've become a bit more of a wuss, but I still love to watch them now & again. What better time to watch a movie that'll really freak you out, than Halloween! 

30 Scary Movies To Creep You Out This Halloween! 

30 Genuinely Scary Movies To Creep You Out This Halloween

One of my favourite scary movies, but it definitely freaks me out. From creepy music, ghost children, scary monsters, and way too happy people - this movie has everything. I love it, and thinking about it is making me want to cry. It freaks me out so much. Haha.

The Grudge
I don't really want to write much about this movie because I don't want to remember it. It scares me right down to my core. I can't even watch 10 seconds of it. No way.

The Conjuring
A surprisingly good scary movie. It's not way over the top either, just the right amount of scares, portrayed in just the right way for the perfect scary movie.

Either the classic or the remake! I myself prefer the Tim Curry classic, as it's a proper old fashioned scary clown - which makes it all the more creepy. The remake is good, if a bit over the top! If you aren't a fan of the classic though, the remake is definitely worth a watch if you don't like clowns!

The Witch
There's something that really creeps me out about witches, I don't know why. But they are often portrayed in a sort of..comedic way. This movie is the complete opposite, and it's fairly realistic - which is what freaks me out the most. Definitely worth a watch.

The Shining
Such a classic! If you haven't watched it, you definitely have to! It's not your typical gore fest, jumpy movie - but with its iconic scenes and mega creepy scenes (one of which in a bathroom that I'll never forget), it's bound to make you feel uneasy - in a good way!

It Follows
One of my favourite more recent scary movies. It's not jumpy, there's no ghosts or witches, it's just really unnerving and different. It's a movie like no other I've ever seen. You won't know how to feel after watching it!

Paranormal Activity
There's a lot of criticism about this movie - saying it's overdone, over the top but the first time I watched this movie - I cried myself to sleep, I'm not kidding. If you've never watched this or any of the sequels, I definitely recommend a watch. When it was first out, there was nothing else like it. It'll definitely spook you out.

The People Under The Stairs
Just look it up, I can't explain it - it's just mega creepy. I watched it when I was a teen and it's freaked me out ever since. It's so unnerving and creepy. Totally Halloween worthy.

Dead Silence
Not everyone likes this movie, but if you like being scared - and dolls/dummies freak you out, you need to watch this. It's so dark and creepy, a bit ridiculous but excellent if that's what scares you! (Oh I just tried to look up an image for this and I'm terrified again!)

There's something so creepy about mirrors. I don't know why, but they always make me feel uneasy. I cant look in a mirror at night, and I don't look when I brush my teeth. So because of my slightly ridiculous fear, this movie really creeped me out. The storyline is really different and after watching it, you won't want to look in a mirror either.

A really creepy movie, also based on an old ancient mirror. Ugghh. I watched it once, and I can't watch it again it freaked me out a lot. It's so tense.

"I had to ask for it to be turned off. The gore was horrid but it was more the fact that people could buy you to do what they wanted that scared me"

Wrong Turn
"The main ‘baddies’ were so happy when on a hunt to kill that it really creeped me out! Haven’t watched another horror since realised I’m not cut out for them"

The Orphanage
"I'm a complete wimp so I don't often watch scary movies but every once in a while I relent. This one is very psychological and affected me for a long time after watching... so much so that I haven't watched another horror / scary movie for about two years."

Gerald's Game
"A Netflix film called Gerald's Game which came out recently. It's a Stephen King film. It made me feel physically sick at one point. Avoid if you don't like blood and gore."

The Ring
"The original Japanese version of The Ring. I haven’t been able to rewatch it since my first viewing."

"I accidentally watched Orphan when it was on TV and that really creeped me out. I just found it really chilling as everything started to fall into place!"

The Blair Witch Project
"I watched the Blair Witch Project as a young teen and it bloody terrified me - still does! Witches and demons & stuff like that freak me out."

"It petrified me, I still to this day don't think I could watch it again!!"

"It's the mask I just can't stand it. I still hate seeing it in the shops now."

Event Horizon
"I have seen it so many times but I still find it terrifying!"

One Missed Call
"The Japanese version of One Missed Call - we love horror in this house, there's a freaky stop motion, scary thing that crawls at your across the ceiling in this film, scary mumma!! - The Japanese sure know how to scare to Poop out of you!!"

"It was banned so I was intrigued. I can still remember one of the scenes now, YEARS later, involving a fire extinguisher."

"[rec] is pretty good. It looks so real. I watched it in my house alone on Halloween night with a few beers." 

The Descent
"Descent totally freaked me out. Being stuck in a cave, in the pitch black, with monsters that could be anywhere, anytime... gave me nightmares for weeks!"

"Sinister proper creeped me out!" There's something so uneasy about this movie. I really enjoyed watching it, but it definitely wouldn't let me forget about it for a good few weeks. Mega creepy.

"Audition (Japanese) film really made me feel uneasy but there’s a particular scene that left me feeling physically sick. I’ve never been able to shake it out of my head!"

Nightmare Of Elm Street
"It was the first horror I saw at the cinema (snuck in at 14) - It still scares me now!! 

Amityville Horror
"Just scared myself googling it. The reason it freaked me out was that it could happen. Not some CGI laden mess-fest but a proper scary film. Also I was in the cinema. Haha."

What's the scariest movie you've ever watched?

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30 Genuinely Scary Movies To Creep You Out This Halloween

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