4 Autumn Leaf Activities For Little Ones

When Autumn arrives, one thing we love to do is go on nature walks. They carry their little baskets (yes they have baskets specifically for this reason!) and we collect all kinds of natural items. As it's been super windy recently, all the leaves have all of a sudden appeared on the ground so we collected loads of them! I came up with a few fun activity ideas for them to do with the leaves, and they are all activities they can do by themselves (without me butting in.) So today I'm sharing 4 Autumn Leaf Activities For Little Ones.

The first activity I knew they would love was making Leaf Crowns! They shared out some leaves and glued them onto some bright yellow and orange card. After it was dry I did cut out the points and measure it onto their heads, then stapled the ends together. Ta-Da. My little girlie said she was an Autumn Princess! Awwww.

The next activity we did was more of a collage one, we sorted through the leaves to find different shapes and sizes - and they stuck them onto paper to create Leaf People! Using different types and sizes of leaves to create bodies, arms and legs. I particularly love the "Daddy and Baby" one. 

Another fun & simple, and less messy activity - Leaf Rubbing.
I've decided against buying my little ones felt tip pens recently as our cream coloured walls are now covered in bright coloured scribbles! We've been using crayons recently and they are perfect for doing leaf rubbings. They arranged the leaves onto a piece of paper and put another piece of paper on top. Then using the side of a crayon, they gently colour until they can see the leaf. My little girlie made the beautiful rainbow one! I love it!

Last but not least - Painted Leaves. I let them go wild with all the colours of paint, even a bit of glitter paint - decorating their leaves to their heart's content. They did take a while to dry after painting, as there was so much paint on them! I ended up having to re-flatten the leaves under some heavy books overnight as they had curled up a bit. I thought it would make a super cute garland in their room so I taped the leaves to a bit of string!

Have you done any Autumn Leaves activities with your little ones this year?

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