4 Halloween Crafts For Toddlers & Young Children

Halloween is nearly here, we needed some fun activities to do. So I came up with a few Halloween themed crafts that are perfect for your little ones to do, without any adult help. (Well, not much!)

4 Halloween Crafts For Toddlers & Young Children

4 Halloween Crafts For Toddlers & Young Children

Handprint Bats
Fold a piece of black card in half and draw around one of their hands, making sure their thumb is closest (but not on) the fold. Cut it out for them and let them stick on some googly eyes and draw on a little mouth!

Fluffy Ghosts
Cut out a ghost template onto white card. Let your little ones go wild and cover it with glue, and stick on lots of cotton wool balls until the shape is completely covered. Cut out a ghost face with black card and let them glue it on.

Sparkly Witch Hats
Cut out witch hat templates on black card. Prepare them with plenty of supplies, glitter glue, pipe cleaners, sequins, buttons - anything you can find! Let them slather on the glue and go crazy!

Paper Plate Pumpkins
Give your little ones a paper plate, lots of orange paint and paintbrushes! Let them cover the plate in paint and while your waiting, cut out a pumpkin face. Once the plate is dry let them glue on the face.

These were all super fun, and super cute activities, my little ones really enjoyed doing them. I love how adorable they've all turned out, and it's a great way for your little ones to celebrate Halloween.

Have you done any Halloween themed crafts with your children this year?


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4 Halloween Crafts For Toddlers & Young Children

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