6 Easy & FREE Halloween DIY Decorations

Sometimes you want to celebrate the different holidays, decorate your home and enjoy yourself but you just don't have the money. Or perhaps you've left it a bit late and you don't have time to pop out and buy some supplies. I'm sharing with you today a few easy and free (or mega cheap) DIY Halloween Decorations you can make right now, with supplies you almost definitely already have! So you don't have any reason to not embrace the spooky season!

First up is one of my favourites, I really love it so I've saved it for the past few years to reuse again & again! Ghost Garland! Like I said before, all these DIY's are going to be super easy & quick to do, and this one is no exception. Simply cut out several ghosts using a template, or freehand! Add their little faces, tape them onto some string and hang up! SO simple, but effective!

The most simple and easy of the lot - Paper Bats! They always look so effective, but literally all you need to do is cut bats out of black card and blutac them onto the wall! 

Hanging Ghosts - Using white card and this template, cut out the ghost shapes (only cut the inside lines!), add a little face and attach a bit of cotton, hang your ghost which ever way up you fancy!

Don't forget to add a few spooky pieces to your walls or frames. I created some free printables you can use! 

Black Cat Silhouettes - Simply draw or use a template of a cat onto black card, and cut them out. Place them in different places around your house - I suggest in the window and high on a shelf!

Paper Spiderwebs! These are fun to get your little ones involved in! You can see how I made them here

Have you made any Halloween decorations?

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