Lolly Stick Puppets {Kids Craft}

As you probably I love quick crafts. Things that don't take hours to do, especially when it comes to my little ones - they have very short attention spans when it comes to activities! Haha! So know the weather has changed, I needed to come up with some easy but fun rainy day activities! So we decided to make some Lolly Stick Puppets! 

For the puppets all you will need is;
* Ice Lolly Sticks
* Paints
* Googly Eyes
* Black Pen
* Pom Poms/Pipe Cleaners

1. First your little ones will need to paint the lolly sticks to make the bodies of the puppets, let them go crazy using lots of bright colours!
2. Once dry add some detail using a black pen. You could add details for the clothes & some googly eyes, or just let them draw them on.
3. Give the characters some hair using pipe cleaners or pom poms. They could even use pipe cleaners to make arms and legs if they want. 
4. Wait for everything to dry & they can put on a puppet show for you!

Have you ever made a craft using lolly sticks with your little ones?

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