The Discovery Adventures {An In-Car Experience From Land Rover}

Long car journeys can be difficult, especially when you've got children to keep entertained along the way. Music, books, films - they only keep the boredom at bay for so long. Land Rover have created The Discovery Adventures - downloadable podcasts that provide an exciting in-car experience for all the passengers. 
The podcasts turn your car journey into a fun family adventure in an all-star, action packed mystery drama series, and each episode follows on from the last while to try to track down villains and solve the mystery. Each episode features real places in the UK (recorded on location in binaural sound). What makes the mystery solving even more exciting is that with 3D stereo sound, it appears that the noises are coming from all around you to really immerse you into the action. 

The Discovery Adventures are all about trying to encourage us, as families to get outdoors, go on adventures and explore our surroundings - something I am all about encouraging. It's so important to not get stuck in the trivial day to day, appreciate everything the world has to offer and embrace it with open arms. Adventure is out there, so go find it
As I mentioned the podcasts have all-star casts & creators - including the award-winning sound pioneer Gareth Fry, famous actors & loads of outdoor experts such as Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Professor Alice Roberts, Professor Lucie Green and many more. 

The podcasts are so fun to listen to, and they really make you feel like you are there, like you are a star in your own action-packed mystery drama. I definitely recommend a listen, particularly when you are out & about with your children in the car!

* This post was sponsored by Land Rover #TheDiscoveryAdventures *

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