The Times When Your Kids Need You The Most

Kids can be so delightful when they’re happy and excited. And they can be volatile, unpleasant and virtually unmanageable when they’re sad! Small children really struggle with their feelings, and we have to forgive them for not understanding what’s happening.

Sometimes physically lashing out is the only way they can express themselves. What they really need during those times is a mum that can take it and wrap it up in a cuddle. You might read a favourite story together as a distraction technique. Even the most independent of children need a mum hug sometimes!

Bad Result
Pre-teens and teens seem to be getting endlessly tested at school these days. With so many changes to the curriculum, it feels inevitable that there will be a bad result mixed in there somewhere. Some kids shrug it off. Others will be mortified, especially if they’re usually high achievers.

Part of that upset will be worrying about what you think of them now they’ve failed. Even though you’ve always been supportive and encouraging, some children are really concerned that they’ve let you down more than themselves. Time for a pep talk, a plan of action to tackle that test another way, and a really good cuddle!

Bad Relationship
Kids fall in and out of friendships really quickly and easily. A spat blows over in hours. For you and your partner, things simply aren’t that easy. When a relationship breaks down, you’re showing all the signs of hurt and upset that kids struggle to understand. They want to help you feel better, and that can just add to the upset!

If ending the relationship is getting too complicated, speak to someone like the Austin Kemp Expert Family Law Solicitors. This gives you that break from the details of the situation and the time you need to spend with your little ones. Let someone else deal with it, and you can get back to finding a normal routine with your children. If your children want to talk about it, try a hug to help assure them that they’re always loved no matter what. Sometimes the hug is more powerful than the words.

Sick Or Injured
Pain isn’t just painful, it’s really frightening, especially for a child. Holding your child helps them feel that they’re in a safe place and they’ll be taken care of. It’s good for you too. Every parent feels powerless and helpless when they see their child suffering. Even if it’s just a bad case of the snuffles, it can shake you to the core.

If you ever feel that your child is in an emergency situation, then call for help right away. Hugs are powerful things, but they’re not going to save a life. What your child needs right now is your focus and attention to details to make sure medical help gets there immediately.

Seeing Something They’re Not Ready For (or you’re not ready to know about)
Life is full of good and bad things. Unfortunately, many of the bad things are easily accessible for our kids. Sometimes they are exposed to imagery or real life events that are shocking and unpleasant. How you handle ‘the chat’ about such things is entirely up to you. But it is the initial reaction your kids have that will need to be addressed first.

If your child is confused, chances are they already know what they’ve seen wasn’t something they should have been exposed to. Let them ask questions and do your best to answer truthfully. You don’t need to play anything down to protect them, but you might be keen to emphasise that it isn’t right and isn’t normal for kids to see that.

Your kids might be frightened by real life events to the extent that they feel traumatised. It’s important to get help from a professional in these circumstances. When sleep is disrupted it can make things even harder to process. They need to feel safe so stay with them, but try to keep things as close to routine as possible. This can help them feel secure.

In the case of bereavement, there is no right or wrong approach. Chances are this is affecting you just as much as them. There is no right amount of time to grieve, but it’s worth exploring your feelings together as a family.

Your kids are always going to need you no matter how big, clever, and old they get. Even adult kids need to know mum is around for advice, a good meal, and maybe a quick hug for assurance.

*This is a collaborative post*

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