11 Ways To Help You Relieve Stress

I am, unfortunately, the type of person who holds everything in. I let stress, worries, anxieties build up in my mind until I can't cope. It's really not a good way to deal with everything going on in life. I've started working on coping with stress more effectively, and sensibly. When you work hard on yourself, look after yourself and keep yourself healthy - stress can be much more easily managed. I'm sharing with you today 11 ways to relieve stress.
When you feel you are on the edge, Take some time and focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose & out through your mouth. Repeat until you don't feel so tense and your blood pressure is lowered. If you fancy it, you could even try giving meditation a go.

Practice Self Care
Take some time out just for you. Take care of you. Run a bubbly bath and take a few minutes for yourself. Close your eyes and just relax. Maybe give yourself a manicure after, or pop on a facemask. Curl up with a good book. Do something just for you.

Eat Healthier & Drink More Water
I swear this tip is always popping up. But having a healthy diet is so important, in so many aspects of your life. When we are stressed or overwhelmed, we don't take care of ourselves properly. We often overeat, or snack on a lot of the wrong things. Improve your diet by including lots more fruit & vegetables, and don't forget to drink up that water!

Share The Love
Kiss, cuddle, spend some time with your little ones. Cuddling reduces your blood pressure, and spending time with your loved ones helps you to relax, unwind and feel good about yourself. It doesn't have to be your partner or your children - even your lovely pet can help you de-stress.

Talk To Someone
Talk to someone, anyone. The easiest way to become overwhelmingly stressed is to let it all build up inside of you. Whether you feel you need to unload all your worries onto someone, or just talk to someone who you know will cheer you up. Just talk to someone.

Do Something You Enjoy
You don't want to completely ignore your problems, as that won't help, but it's ok to take your mind off it for a while. Do something that you really enjoy, a hobby that you like. Reading, Writing, Drawing, Painting - do something you know you'll enjoy.

Have A Snooze
When you aren't getting enough sleep, this really doesn't help your stress levels. Unfortunately, when you are already stressed, it can be hard to actually get a good amount of sleep. So try something different - try taking a nap. If you have some time to yourself, go and have a lie-down and close your eyes. (I know this time is hard to find as a mum, but ask for help, ask someone to watch your little ones for an hour. You can't take care of others properly when you aren't taking care of yourself). Even just try relaxing on the sofa with a blanket & Netflix, and let yourself drift into a doze. It can work wonders, sleep is so important. 

Write It Down
Grab a pen & paper, and write down everything that you are stressing over, everything that is worrying you. It's so therapeutic to let it all out onto paper. 

Laugh, Lots.
If you are at a low point, you need to cheer yourself up a bit. So find something you know makes you laugh. A hilarious friend, a funny movie, a family member who has the same sense of humour as you. Laughing releases endorphins that make you feel more happy and content. It also helps to decrease the stress hormones. 

Let It All Out
If you feel like you are about to explode with all the stress you are keeping locked away, you gotta let it out. Vent to your friend who you know will happily listen, yell into your pillow, or..my personal favourite - put on one of your favourite songs. One you absolutely love, you know all the words too and sing! Sing loud, sing proud, let all your stress come out with the song lyrics. It works wonders, trust me.

Make A Plan
Last but by no means least, make a plan. It's all well and good distracting yourself, cheering yourself up - but if the problems that are making you stressed aren't just going to disappear, you need to deal with them. (99% of the time, in our house, if we are really stressed - it's because of money. And that is exactly the kind of stress that won't just go away on its own, you need to do something about it). So write down all the things you are stressed about, and if you feel they are things that need action to be dealt with, plan exactly how you are going to deal with those stresses. It's hard, it's possibly more stressful, but once they are dealt with it's going to be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

I hope this has helped some of you, it's actually been quite therapeutic to write if I'm honest. 

How do you like to relieve stress?

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