4 Ways To Help You SEO Your Blog Content

Over this past year, I've been working hard to ensure my content is more SEO friendly. Before that I didn't really understand it, or taking any notice - and the traffic on my site really showed that. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means using different methods and techniques to help you increase the ranking of your website in the results of a search engine. I'm sharing a few tips today to help you on your way to SEO your website. 

Pick one to two keywords about your specific blog post, 2 main words that explain what the post is about. Be sure to feature these words in the title of the blog posts, and also within the first paragraph. Apparently, it's good to include the keywords within the first 65 characters of the title. Don't forget to also include these keywords in the description and URL.

Make sure you include lots of internal links in each blog post. This is one thing I definitely struggle with or forget to do! But increasing internal links (links to other posts & pages on your site) will encourage your readers to click through and stay on your site, but it will show search engines that your site is relevant and will also decrease your spam score!

Ensure your blog is mobile-friendly. At the current time, so many more people use their phones for browsing the internet than ever before. They tend to use the search engine on their mobiles as opposed to on a laptop or desktop. You need to make sure that if people come across your site on their mobiles, it is actually readable and usable. Google displays mobile-friendly results at the top, and you want yours up there!

There are so many options and tactics to help you SEO your website, and these are just a few. I really recommend trying out a few different ways, and doing as much as you possibly can! Once you have finished writing, and you feel your post is ready to be seen - you need to make sure it's found by search engines! SEO agencies such as Assertive Media help clients to increase their organic visibility using advanced marketing strategies. If you don't feel knowledgeable enough in the subject, and you feel like you need some SEO help - an agency can definitely be a huge weight off your shoulders!

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