50 Things To Be Grateful For Today

Expressing gratitude, and being thankful is so important in life. Perhaps, the key to happiness. Appreciating the little things, and being grateful for what life has given you. When we are feeling down, it can be harder to look around and find things to be grateful for - but they are out there. There are so many things, big things, or everyday things that we should all express our gratitude for. I'm here to help you notice those little things, those everyday things - the things we might take for granted.

50 Things To Be Grateful For Today

Some people fill in a gratitude journal, and I think that's such a wonderful idea. Jotting down big & small things that occur on a daily basis. It must be such a lovely thing to look back on. Perhaps that's something you (Or I!) might like to start this year.

50 Things To Be Grateful For Today

You Are Alive

A Fresh Outlook Each Morning

Love In Your Life

The Sunshine

The Rain

The Lessons You Have Learnt Today

The Relationships You Have With Others

A Roof Over Your Head

Clothes On Your Back

Clean Water



Loving Animals/Pets

The Perfect Cup Of Tea


Unexpected Gifts

Happy Mail

Opening Your Curtains When You First Wake Up




Your Favourite Song

Your Favourite Movie

The Changing Seasons

Kindness From A Stranger

Expressing Your Creativity

Embracing Your Talents

Self Improvement

Expanding Your Knowledge

Access To Education

Unexpected Opportunities

Kindness In General

Access To The Internet

Money In The Bank

Learning From Your Mistakes


Your Ability To Make A Difference

Time For Self Care

Flowers & Plants

Embracing Your Inner Child

Good Influences

A Good Night's Sleep

Freedom Of Speech

Your Children

Freedom To Vote

Your Senses


Ability To Read & Write


To Be Able To Take All The Above For Granted, & The Ability To Know You Shouldn't.

Can you name 3 things you are grateful for, this very second?

50 Things To Be Grateful For Today

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