Nursery Rhymes Song Activity Basket

It's no secret my little ones love to sing & dance! They are always singing at the top of their lungs to any song - nursery rhymes, adverts, tv theme songs, and they will start dancing to any music whatsoever. They are always 'putting on shows', just like their mother used to do! Haha. So what better way to celebrate their love of singing than to create a fun Nursery Rhyme themed activity, with lots of singing and dancing involved.

I made a note of all the nursery rhymes that my little ones know and love and I searched for relevant clip art images for each song. I ended up using this website to find the images. I then printed the images on some white card & cut them out.

I found a small box & turned all the images upside down & we sat down in a circle to start our activity. My little ones took turns picking up a card, figuring out what it was an image of, and trying to think of a song to do with each picture. My little girlie really enjoyed guessing the songs, and I was pleasantly surprised at how many songs she actually knew! 

We spent a good half an hour singing and dancing to a lot of nursery rhymes, we repeated each song a few times. I then put the cards away for another day, and 10 minutes later my little ones had got them out again and were putting on shows for each other!

It's a really easy, cheap but fun activity for little ones - we will definitely be using these cards again!

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