Simple Sparkly & Bright Firework Pictures

It's Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire Night/Firework Night tomorrow! We are actually having some fireworks in the garden tonight so we decided to create some firework inspired artwork! I remember creating some of these as a child, so I wanted to share the activity with my little ones! I'm sharing with you today 2 different types of firework pictures you & your little ones can create - to celebrate the 5th November!

The first artwork we created were these pretty, super glittery pictures!

We started off with black paper. Using pva glue we created the shapes of the fireworks, and covered them in glitter! My little guy loved the red glitter a lot! And my little girlie covered all her pictures with pink glitter!

Our second pictures were a bit more time consuming, using white card we tried to completely cover the pages in beautiful coloured scribbles - using wax crayons. 

We then painted over the pictures using a fairly thin layer of black acrylic paint. Just enough to cover all of the crayon underneath. After that had dried, we used different items to scratch off the paint in firework shapes. We used a ruler, a spoon and the end of the paintbrush! 

I think all the pictures turned out really well don't you?

Hope you have a fantastic Bonfire Night!

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