Updating My Blog with Logojoy!

I absolutely love giving my blog an entire makeover. Switching up the layout, the colours, the fonts and the logo, but it really is a lot of effort, that's why I don't do it very often at all! I'm planning a big blog makeover for the beginning of the new year and taking a few steps to prepare for it now. I know what I like, I know what ideally I'd like my blog to look like, but in all honesty I'm not great at the design aspect of it. I've had other people design my logo for me before, but I wanted something a little different this time around - then I came across Logojoy!

Logojoy is a website that lets you imagine, design and create your own logo - doing all the trickier tasks for you. You start by picking a few of the sample logos that you like the look of, pick the colours that appeal to you, Pop in your company name & slogan and it does the hard work for you. You can even add little images or icons to your logo if you fancy. I was playing around on this site for a good while, trying different things, different colour schemes and icons - it was a lot of fun!

Once you've gone through the options, you can then have a look at the samples that have been created for you. You can still edit them afterward as well. Here's how my new logo turned out;

I actually really freaking love it, it's so pretty! It's completely different to my current logo, but that's why I like it, a big change, a new beginning. Love it. I will be updating my blog and giving it a huge makeover in the new year, so keep an eye out for my logo!

What's really great about the website is you even get to see your logo in action, on business cards, signs or even jumpers! I'd LOVE a jumper with my new logo on it! I really would, I'm tempted to make one! When you have finalised your logo, you can download a low resolution sample, or you can pay to buy the full high-resolution package with lots of different images to choose from - and if you so wish, you can even buy the exact sized images you will need for social media!

I am actually a big fan of this website, I think it's a really great idea. At $65 for the full package, not including the social media images (which are an additional $9) it's pretty pricey though. But it was a really fun experience, and a great way to try something new for your website! If you do fancy giving Logojoy a go, you can click here!

Who created your current logo for your website?

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