12 Easy Ways To Donate To Charity This Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, its the season of goodwill. But it's also an expensive time of year which means you might think that you can't afford to donate to charity - but that's simply not true. Donating to charity doesn't have to mean giving a lot of money, there are so many easy & cheap ways to donate, so we don't really have an excuse to not help out. We've all got to do what we can, especially at this time of year. Don't you agree? 12 Easy Ways To Donate To Charity This Christmas.

12 Easy Ways To Donate To Charity This Christmas

Buy Charity Christmas Cards (Or don't buy cards at all!)
If you normally buy Christmas cards, one of the easiest ways to help a charity at Christmas time is to buy charity Christmas cards instead. They are often so much more beautiful, detailed & original anyway. You could buy them direct from a charity website or charity shop, just make sure if you buy from a supermarket, you check how much of the profit actually goes to charity. If you don't fancy buying cards this year, why not donate the money you would have spent to your favourite charity? 

Order A Personalised Letter From Santa
If your little ones write to Father Christmas, why not make a donation to the NSPCC and ensure your little ones receive a beautiful, magical reply from the man in red. Each letter can be personalised, and you can donate however much you wish (£5+ suggested donation) 

Get Your Little Ones To Donate Their Toys, Books & Clothes
A great, easy way to give to charity this year is to encourage your little ones to have a clear out. It also helps to declutter and make room for the new presents! My little girlie loves doing this throughout the year, as I've explained to her that she only has to give away things that don't fit her, or that she doesn't read or play with anymore. And they have to be in good condition. She knows that they items will go to children who will love them, and might not be able to afford them. You could donate the items to your local charity shop, local children's charities or women and child refuge centers. You could even do what other bloggers suggested and get your elf to ask your children to take part!

Donate YOUR items
Same as above, but charities are always looking for lovely, good condition items for adults too. Many people might not have much to spend on gifts, and charity shops are great places to pick up a few lovely bargains. I remember a few years ago, I really had no money for presents, not even for my children and charity shops were a god send!

Give Blood
Giving blood can save a life, what better gift can you give than that? A lot of people tend to miss their sessions during the holiday season, so donors are needed more than ever. Register to give blood here & book your first appointment! 

Donate To Your Local Food Banks
Many supermarkets make this so easy for you too. Check if your local supermarket has a food collection points (generally at the end of the tills, or near the exit). Pop a few extra food items in your trolley and donate them when you leave.

Give Your Time
Ask around your neighbourhood if they have any projects going on this year. In some cities they have a cold rail, where you can donate your warm clothes, hats and scarves, and homeless people can help themselves. Maybe you could volunteer your time and help at a soup kitchen or animal shelter. You can even offer to collect food items from your neighbours & deliver them to a food bank.

Give To The Homeless
I was so inspired by the suggestions from other bloggers about this. From making shoebox filled gifts to hand out to the homeless - filled with gloves, deodorant, toothbrushes, snacks and perhaps a blanket. Perhaps you could fill an old handbag with these products, and some sanitary products to give to homeless women.

Take Part In Reverse Advent
If you are unaware of what reverse advent is, it's all about filling a box with one food product every day throughout December - and perhaps a few small gift items and donating it to someone in need via a food bank. So every morning when your little ones are opening there advent calendars, let them pop an item into their reverse advent box too.

Join In On Christmas Jumper Day
Christmas Jumper Day is on the 11th December and it's an easy way to raise money for such a good cause. Whether your children are at school, you are in work or you're just having a lazy day on the sofa - pop on your Christmas jumper and donate £2 to Save The Children this year.

Give A Card & A Cuppa
If you have Big Issue sellers in your area, why not give them a Christmas card, perhaps a simple gift, and buy them a hot drink. It's such a simple, not too expensive gesture and it will be so much appreciated. In regards to giving the gift of a cuppa, why not invite your elderly neighbours in for a cuppa and a chat - you never know, they might be really lonely this time of year. If you don't fancy inviting them in, why not pop round with a Christmas cake & a card. 

Give As You Live
A lovely suggestion, one of which I had only heard of this year! If you tend to do your Christmas shopping online, do it via Give As You Live . Give As You Live donates a percentage of sales to a charity of your choice, and with over 4,300 stores to shop from, it's pretty much every shop you'd use anyway. It doesn't cost you a penny extra and it's a really easy way to donate.

Will you be donating to charity this Christmas? 
I'm going to try and do as many of these as possible!

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12 Easy Ways To Donate To Charity This Christmas

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