8 Super Cheap & Easy DIY Ways To Decorate For Christmas

Christmas can be an expensive time of year. With the mountains of gifts we make ourselves buy every year, to the endless rolls of wrapping paper - decorations is something we generally don't budget for, aside from the tree. I know what it's like to have absolutely no money in the bank account over Christmas - it sucks. If you are running low on funds, or can't afford to splash out on any fancy decorations - or perhaps you'd just like to get creative, I'm sharing with you today 8 Super Cheap & Easy DIY Ways To Decorate For Christmas.

If you've got a couple of quid spare, fairy lights are an essential buy. Pop to a pound shop and grab a few packs. Aside from our Christmas tree lights, we have 4 sets of cheap fairy lights decorating our home. 

If you've got white paper, or card (you can buy a huge pack of printer paper for a couple of pounds), why not fill your home with lots of beautiful snowflakes! I filled our hallway upstairs with loads of snowflakes, and it really reminds me of the scene from Elf, you know the one, where he decorates the whole shop! Haha. 
I have to admit, I'm not great at doing the whole folding and cutting snowflake technique, I just used templates! I then stuck them along pieces of cotton and pinned them to the ceiling. I also made a big snowflake by hot glueing lolly sticks together!

Another cute way to set a festive scene is to create a snowy garland by threading cotton wool balls onto cotton! 

Aside from snowflakes, our house is filled with glittery, sparkly stars now too! For the first ones I just cut out stars from thick cardboard and spray painted them silver and added silver glitter. Then blutac'd them to the wall. The second stars, and my favourite, are made using this method. It involves a lot of folding, but I love how they've turned out. Last but not least, this little gold garland. I cut out mini gold stars, added some glitter, and taped them to some twine. I actually made these last year, but I still love them!

A new decoration I made this year are these painted Christmas Letters. I purchased them individually here, and used my trusty silver paint and glitter to make them all festive and sparkly. I absolutely love how they've turned out, and it's such an easy DIY to replicate - spelling out whatever you wish!

I also made these cute little christmas trees from thick cardboard, and painted them!

Last but certainly not least, Free Festive Prints! The easiest DIY to do, and there are so many options to choose from! Simply visit Pinterest, and search 'Free Christmas Printables' or something similar. I guarantee they'll be something you'll love! This is the one I have chosen this year!

Have you ever made your own Christmas decorations?

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