Ideas To Help You Prolong The Festive Spirit

The festive season is wonderful, but the only downside is it can seem far too brief. If you want to keep the festive feeling flowing, then read on for a list of ideas on how to achieve just that.

Leave your decorations up until Epiphany

Many people take their Christmas decorations down when the day itself has passed, but you can leave them up until January 6th if you prefer. Epiphany, which is also called Twelfth Night, has been the traditional conclusion to the festive season for centuries, so keep the twinkling lights and fragrant tree around until then if you prefer!

Reach out to people

One of the nicest things about Christmas is swapping cards and catching up with old friends. Make a New Year’s resolution to keep doing this throughout the new year, helping to maintain those links and improve your personal sense of community.

Watch a Christmas movie whenever you want

Christmas movies can’t just be watched at Christmas. If there’s a great story that you find engaging and which puts a smile on your face, there’s never a bad time to watch. Besides, January can be bleak enough all by itself, so why not put a gorgeous Christmas movie on to enjoy? The poster below is for a conceptual Christmas film, but anything in a similar vein should keep you smiling right through to spring!

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