Celebrating Valentines Day Together, Wherever You Are!

Valentine’s Day becomes bigger and more popular every single year. The high streets become flooded with teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolates… not to mention the never-ending aisles of Valentine’s Day cards. In fact, Valentine’s Day is no longer just for the loved-up couples. These days, thousands spend the day with their family, friends or even their pets. Nonetheless, whether it’s down to long distance or working away from home, some couples are unable to spend the romantic day with one another. Being away from your significant other can be tough, but there are still ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner, regardless of where you both are.

Love knows no distance
You can save a whole load of time and money by using a courier service and ditch the Post Office queues by doing so. The courier comparison site My Parcel Delivery can help you find a service that meets your needs whilst also helping you to save time and money. You can leave your parcel at a designated drop-off point or have it collected from home or work using trusted brands such as UPS and Parcelforce. Distance is not an issue when using a courier service. No matter where your significant other is based, there are a range of couriers that deliver to hundreds of destinations across Europe and the rest of the world.
It’s the thought that counts
If you already know that you won’t be able to see your loved one on Valentine’s Day and that you will have to have their gift delivered to them, it might save time to check out the list of restricted and prohibited items before you buy your gifts as there are a few products that UK couriers are unable to handle. Not to worry though, there are plenty of cute and meaningful gifts you can buy that can be easily transported to your loved one via a courier service.
Cover yourself though. Although basic compensation cover is sometimes available from couriers, it may be worth looking into paying a little bit extra for additional compensation cover if the gift is of either high financial or sentimental value.
Presentation isn’t everything
You may want to present your gift wrapped with a pretty red ribbon or in a beautifully designed gift bag but it’s important to package your gifts correctly for transit so that they are protected from potential damage whilst on their journey. You can still wrap your presents in your chosen wrapping paper and decorative bows, but you must then package your gifts into a parcel box that is strong enough for transportation. Not only does this keep your parcel safe, but it also helps the gift to remain a mystery to your Valentine!
I hope that these tips have been useful to anyone feeling blue who can’t spend Valentine’s Day with their loved one and I hope that you have a wonderful day, whoever you might be spending it with.
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