Why Join The Journey To Zero Waste

Zero Waste is about reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill. Avoiding Single Use Plastics if you can. No one is perfect, and no one can do everything but if we all do our part, little steps, we can and will make a difference. 
It's no secret that our planet is in trouble, big trouble. If you've watched Blue Planet recently, you will be aware of how much we are damaging our ocean and the creatures that live there. (Warning! Upsetting and disturbing to watch!) This turtle video will break your heart.  Or you might have even heard the news recently about China, and the fact that they simply won't accept any more of our plastic, and we have nowhere to put it. (If I'm honest I didn't even know that's how we got rid of it!) Plastic is taking over the world, and it's so upsetting and it will never disappear. Never. It gets smaller, but it's never truly gone. "Each microplankton in the ocean has 36 microscopic pieces of plastic to match".  

We can't ignore this problem any longer, we all need to up our game and do what we can. Prove that we still have time left to fix our mess. 

Did you know, half of all plastic produced is single-use plastic. Straws, plastic cups, packaging, wrappers. It's used for minutes but it stays on our planet for 100's of years, if not forever. 

Say no to disposables and yes to reusables!
The aims of zero waste are the 5 R's - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. 
After reading all of this, you might feel like it's a daunting prospect. How can one person do so much? How can you stop using plastic altogether? How can you not produce any waste? The zero waste journey isn't about stopping generating any trash straight away, it's a journey. Baby steps to encourage us all to reduce the amount of waste generated and in the end, resulting in everything getting reused. No more disposable products that fill up our landfills and oceans. 

So remember - baby steps! Every little change you make, will make a difference. If you are still not convinced to join the journey, read the following statements from fellow bloggers and zero waste advocates!

"All the plastic ever made is still in existence, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish soon enough and there is so much we can do to slow this down..."

"..Others should join in too because we only have one planet, if we destroy this one with landfill and global warming there is no other. I’m doing it so that my great grandchildren get to see the beautiful world we live in."

"..Because our children will inherit the Earth and their future will be surely affected by global warming and pollution. We all need to work together so they can live in a safe and healthy world."

"..We've used more plastic in the last 10 years than in the history of mankind. It's simply not sustainable and change needs to happen quickly. If consumers start rejecting plastic then that's a start!"

"If people need a reason to join in, watching Blue Planet and seeing what we're doing to our oceans should be reason enough."

"I think everybody needs to be more aware of the waste they are creating and make changes to lessen that. Things like disposable nappies that take up to 500 years to decompose. The horrible fact is every single one that has ever been worn are still in landfill.

"Although we live far from the ocean, plastic in landfill breaks down and washes down watercourses to the sea. That means we all have an effect on this so I'm making plans to reduce plastic use as a family. Just putting it carefully in the bin does not solve anything."

"Because if everyone did just a small bit to help the environment would make a significant difference to the world we are leaving for our children"

"We do not own this planet and we only have this one"

"The change we need starts with me."

"We need to prioritise the possibility of a tomorrow over the convenience of today."

"Because failure to do so will ultimately destroy us."

"For me it’s not just about the choices I make, it’s about my children's understanding and their norm being one of less waste and good choices. My choices now lead too there education in issues of environmental impact."

If you still fancy learning more about Zero Waste, you can read this informative article, visit Less Plastic or join the Journey To Zero Waste Facebook Group

Thank you to all contributors including Pinkoddy, Captain Bobcat, Edinburgh With Kids, Mother Distracted, The Mum Diaries, Falcondale Life, My Boys Club , Documenting The Drews & many more. 

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