Working With PR's As A Blogger

*This is a collaborative post
If you blog as a career, chances are you've worked with a few PR's and brands in your time. Or perhaps you are looking to progress your blog and earn a few pennies on the side, collaborating with PR's can be a huge benefit to both you and them. I'm sharing a few tips today about how to create a successful blogger/pr relationship.
Start by getting your name out there. Feel free to personally contact PR's, email them yourself and politely introduce yourself. Share what you write about, and maybe your media kit if you have one. Chat to any relevant PR's, like Nancy Behrman on Twitter, just be friendly and see if you can add yourself to any relevant media databasesBe friendly, honest & professional. When you get in touch with PR's, it's important to be polite and friendly, but also to remain professional - for this is a professional relationship and should be treated as such. You might not be sat in a fancy office surrounded by colleagues while you are responding to a PR email, but it is work and you need to convince them it will be worthy of their time & money to collaborate with you. 
Speaking of being polite though, responding to PR emails is just the polite thing to do. Whether the opportunity is relevant, or maybe you could suggest a way you could collaborate, or even just asking them to keep your details on file, for any relevant future campaigns - you are getting your name out there, and being polite and friendly by responding, as opposed to ignoring them. Doing your research is important too. Explore and look around, discover new PR companies, such as Behrman Communications, that are relevant for what you write about, the topics you work on and get in contact! It can't hurt, and it will definitely be a bonus that you've done your research. 
You need to think about what you can offer them and what they can offer you. Even if you are small blogger, you still could have a lot to offer to smaller, more independent companies. Working with companies as a blogger can provide them with a whole new audience, new customers - advertising to new people who may not have heard of them before. If you are offering a review, it can be a fantastic way to share real personal opinions of the products, genuine comments from a buyer. Blogging is such a fantastic way of advertising in the day and age. Be upfront and explain to the PR exactly what you can offer them. As I said above, doing your research is important and only contact PR's that are relevant to you. If you are a fairly small blogger, you can't expect huge $$ as PR's and brands do take note of your social stats, but it's still a great way to form a fantastic new professional relationship

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