4 Adorable Valentines Day Crafts For Little Ones

As it's Valentines Day (and half term!) what better way to celebrate the day with your little ones than to get creative and make some fun Valentines Day crafts together! As I've mentioned before, we do love our quick crafts in this house so these are all fairly quick and easy to make with your little ones! 

Valentines Crowns

Using toilet paper rolls, I cut the top of them into points like crowns. My little ones then went crazy and painted them all over in white, red and pink paint. They then proceeded to stick on various bits and pieces! Pom poms, pipe cleaners and glitter glue! We left them to dry, and once they were I made little holes at the bottom and tied through long pieces of elastic to the inside of the rolls. Then let your little ones wear them with pride!

Heart Necklaces

My little girlie asked the other day if we could make our very own necklaces, so I decided why not combine this with a Valentines Day theme and make some easy, but adorable heart necklaces! I cut out heart shapes out of thick cardboard and the little ones painted them red. When the paint has mostly dried, we added some red glitter glue to make them all sparkly! Once that had dried, I hole punched a hole at the top of the hearts and threaded through some pink wool. I then tied the wool into a knot to make a long necklace. I recommend making them long necklaces so they are easy to take off. 

Kitty Cat Valentines Cards

My little ones actually made these cards at our local mother & child group, but I think they're super sweet so I had to share them! Cut out cat shapes from white card and let your little ones decorate their cats, then allow them to stick the cats onto a piece of folded A4 card. Using these *foam hearts, they can then complete their card by glueing lots of pretty hearts onto the card! A really simple, but cute Valentines Day card idea!

Heart Bunting

I am such a sucker for bunting, especially if it's heart shaped! This was a really fun activity to do together, and I think it looks really pretty! I cut out lots of hearts from white card and my little ones painted them all with white, red and pink paint! When they'd dried I hole punched some holes in the hearts, threaded them through some wool and made the hearts into bunting! The bunting is now being displayed proudly in our home! I love it!

* In regards to the heart necklaces and toilet paper roll crowns, I recommend doing these crafts with older children, or be sure to keep an eye on your little ones when they are wearing them - due to the wool & elastic! *

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