3 Pretty Spring Craft Ideas

When a new season arrives, I enjoy doing lots of fun crafts & activities with my little ones, but I also like doing some of my own crafts too. It's a nice way to spend an evening, and a great way to add a little seasonal decor to your home too! So why not put a Spring in your step today with these lovely seasonal inspired DIY's!
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Spring Wreath
I've always loved the idea of making my own seasonal wreath, but I've just never got around to it, so I knew it was something I wanted to try this Spring. I wanted to make a wreath that I could reuse and change up when I fancied it. 

I picked up this little plain rattan wreath, tucked in some sweet faux spring flowers, made some bunting using card, sharpies and string and tied it onto the back of the wreath. 

The wreath was really easy to make, but I love how it's turned out! (Inspired by this pin).

Pastel Tassel Garland
I love making new garlands and bunting for different seasons and occasions! I always love the look of pom pom garlands but I really suck at making pom poms, so I thought why not making a tassel garland instead! They always look super cute! I used a pastel pink and a pastel yellow coloured wool. 

Depending on the size you want your tassels to be, I used a 4-inch piece of thick cardboard, but if you want larger tassels use a larger piece of cardboard or a notebook. To make a tassel you need to wrap your first colour of wool around and around the cardboard, about 40 times. Thread a little piece of the same coloured wool through the top of the wrapped wool and tie it in a knot. (This is to allow you to tie it onto the garland). Next, you'll need to cut the opposite end of the wrapped wool and get it loose, but try to keep it together. Tie another piece of the same coloured wool about an inch from the top to make the ball of the tassel. Repeat the same process for the rest of the tassels, and when you've made them all, you can thread them through a large piece of string or perhaps a long different coloured piece of wool. And hang it up!

Cute Cardboard Bird House
Using a small rectangular shaped box (I used a teabag box) mark a dot at the centre of the top, on the front side of the box. Then draw lines from the centre dot to either edge to create a roof shape. Do the same and the back of the box. Then cut along the lines the make the roof, so now it should be a rectangular box with a triangle point at one end. Paint the whole thing white and leave to dry. 

Using another piece of cardboard, perhaps the bit you cut off for the roof. Measure it so it's about a cm wide and stick it on the triangle top to make the roof/ roof tile area. So there should be two thin strips going down from the tip of the triangle to the edges and a tiny bit longer and glue them into place, repeat the same on the back. Draw a circle in the middle of the birdhouse to make the window, and cut it out. Snip a small section off of a drinking straw, and paint it/wrap it in pretty tape or leave plain. 

Glue the piece of straw to the birdhouse, just below the window. Decorate the rest of the birdhouse how you wish, you could paint the roof section and the box section, however you fancy! You could even add a little birdie if you've got one. Now, what makes this little birdhouse even cuter is that it's also a storage box! So you could use it to store pens & pens, notebooks or whatever you'd like!

Do you update your home decor for the seasons?

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