4 Sweet Spring Inspired Crafts For Little Ones


We decided it would be fun to prepare ourselves and get excited about the beautiful season by making a few cute Spring-inspired crafts! What makes these crafts even better is that you'll probably have most, if not all of the supplies in your home somewhere, so no need to go out and buy much. If you need some ideas for activities to do with your little ones then look no further!

First up are these really sweet Spring Flower Pictures! I prepared the craft by cutting out lots of petals using different coloured paper, I also cut out a variety of leaves and stems. Then just hand your little ones the glue, and let them get to work! 

We used yellow mini cupcake liners for the sunshine and the trumpet of the daffodils! I think they look super cute & effective. Really easy craft idea, and not hugely messy either.

4 Sweet Spring Inspired Crafts For Little Ones

Next, we made these freaking adorable (if I do say so myself) Spring Lanterns! 

Using a clean jar, let your little ones cover the outside of the jar in glue! Stick some green tissue paper on the bottom of the jar for the grass, some yellow tissue paper for the sunshine/sky, and then let your little ones add whatever finishing touches they'd like - we used butterfly stickers and gold glitter glue! 

All you'll need to do is then wait for it to dry, and pop in an led tealight. I love how they've turned out, and I didn't really need to help at all. My little ones have been using their lanterns as nightlights!

4 Sweet Spring Inspired Crafts For Little Ones

4 Sweet Spring Inspired Crafts For Little Ones

How about some sweet Easter Inspired Bunny & Chick Finger Puppets! 

I cut out all the different parts of the chicks & bunnies to begin with. The ears & inner ears, paws, wings, beaks, heads & bodies while my little ones proceeded to glue them all together. 

Then adding some googly eyes, and a pom-pom nose for the rabbit! Once they were completely dry, I cut out the finger holes and they're done! Would make super cute characters for your little ones to perform a Spring/Easter puppet show for you!

4 Sweet Spring Inspired Crafts For Little Ones

Last but not least, (but personally mine & my little girlie's favourites) - Rainbow Wind Blowers! 

We made these not that long ago at our local Mother & Child group and we knew we had to make some more! They're really easy to do as well, the kind of craft you can go "here kids, here's the materials - get creative!". 

First, we decorated some toilet roll tubes using pens & crayons! Cover the inside of one end of the toilet roll tube with glue, and using tissue paper torn into strips - stick one end of the strips inside the toilet roll and leave to dry. 

They look really effective just as they are I think, your little ones can blow into one end and watch the tissue paper wiggle or you can take the rainbow wind blowers outside and really watch them sway in the wind. They look so pretty!

4 Sweet Spring Inspired Crafts For Little Ones

Have you made any Spring crafts with your little ones this year?

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