6 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips - To help you get it done faster and more efficiently

It's time for some Spring Cleaning! Are you the type of person who decides to clean their house from top to bottom? Or perhaps you're a tad lazy, and like to do a little less than you probably could. I'm sharing a few quick tips to make the whole chore run smoother and help you clean up, spruce up and get your home in order!

Declutter First
Decluttering before you start cleaning is a great place to start, and it means you'll have less to clean! There are so many things that can get rid of and organise in your home I guarantee. The less clutter you have, the less you have to tidy up on a regular basis. Go through each room and get rid of the junk! Check out my list of 30 items you don't need in your home!

Make A Checklist Before You Start
Make a note of which rooms you've got to do, and specific areas to tackle. It will give you satisfaction as you tick each task off, and spur you on to continue!

Turn Up The Music
Put on some fast, upbeat music to sing & dance to while you're cleaning!
It'll help put you in a good mood, and the time will fly by! Having good background music is essential to any successful cleaning spree!

Open Up The Windows
Open up all your curtains and blinds, and open your windows to let all the sunlight and fresh air in! It'll make your home feel fresher, brighter and smell cleaner! That alone will make a huge difference.

One trick to make the cleaning spree go quicker is ensuring you multitask! While you're cleaning one room, make sure you have the washing machine/tumble drier/dishwasher going. (Did you know, you can clean a variety of things in your dishwasher too - from cooker hoods, to vacuum cleaner filters and fridge shelves. You can also use your washing machine for cleaning shower curtains, pillows, and curtains too!)

Tackle One Room At A Time
To make your cleaning more efficient, be sure to only tackle one room at a time, as opposed to random tasks throughout the house. It helps prevent it from becoming overwhelming! You can find a fab, easy to follow Spring Cleaning checklist here!

Do you have any Spring Cleaning Tips you'd like to share?

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6 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips - To help you get it done faster and more efficiently

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