Easter Sock Bunnies Kids Craft

I've always loved the look of sock animals! They never look that difficult to make but they always look super cute! I thought a fun Easter activity idea would be to make some Easter Sock Bunnies!

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You Will Need:
* Rice
* Odd Socks (with NO holes in, I learnt from experience! Haha)
* Googly Eyes
* Glue
* Embroidery Thread 

1. First your little ones will need to fill up 3/4 of the sock with rice. To make it easier, pour some rice into a jug, and hold the sock open so they can pour it in.

2. Tie a fairly loose knot at the end of the sock, to prevent any rice falling out.

3. Get your little ones to squidge the rice, to form a head and a body shapes. Tie some strong thread or string tightly under the head to keep the different shapes.

4. Tie more string/thread tightly just under the loose knot you did in the beginning.

5. Untie the loose knot and pour out any excess rice. Cut the top of the sock into 2 sections, and curve them to form ears. Let your little ones glue them together to make the ears.

6. Let your little ones then decorate their bunnies however they wish, googly eyes, ribbons or even some fluffy tails!

Have you or your little ones ever made sock animals before?

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