10 Fun Spring Date Ideas

Having regular dates with your other half and spending quality time together is important. It allows you to unwind and reconnect, just the two of you. So why not make the most of this beautiful season and have a few romantic Spring themed dates!

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Picnic In The Park
Why not whip up a sweet picnic and head out to your local park on a sunny day. Eat some yummy food, embrace the sunshine and snuggle together and watch the clouds float by.

Bike Ride
How about heading out on your bikes, with no particular destination in mind. Go on an adventure and explore your local area. Or, if you're feeling incredibly romantic, what about hiring a tandem bicycle?

Car Boot Sale Gift Swap
A really fun, unique idea for a date I think! Why not have a look around your local area, and see if there are any car boot sales going on. (They're generally early Saturday or Sunday mornings). Head to the car boot sale with a budget of say £5 each and hunt for the perfect gift for the other person!

Movie Night
A movie night date is always a fun idea, and so easy to do. Rent a movie or have a gander on Netflix for something good to watch. Dim the lights, grab some popcorn and snuggle under a cosy throw together. So easy, so cosy and so romantic.

Try A New Hobby
Why not try and find a new outdoor hobby that you can do together. You could revamp your garden and improve your gardening skills, or maybe even join a club. How about going hiking together (if you live in a suitable area), perhaps take up running together or maybe even give something like tennis a go!  

Breakfast Date
Instead of the classic, going out for dinner date - how about making it a breakfast date? Wake up bright and early on a sunny day, and head out for a delicious breakfast together. What better way to start the day than that?

Attend A Local Event
We don't have many outdoor concerts around here, but there are often lots of open days, festivals or fete's going on. It can be a great way to explore the area you live in, and find out what fun things it has to offer.

Cook Up A Spring Recipe Together
Improve your cooking skills whilst spending quality time together and cook a delicious Spring inspired meal. There are so many options, from savoury to sweet that you could try!

Have A Game Night
Because who doesn't love playing fun games with your other half. Whether it's a board game, a card game, a quiz* or even a video game. The options are endless, and it's exciting to be a bit competitive with each other sometimes.

Head To The Beach At Sunset
When I was younger, we often used to head to the beach on a warm evening. It's so relaxing sitting on a pebbly beach, watching the waves crash and the sun goes down. It would make a lovely, romantic date night idea (you could even be super cute and share an ice cream or a portion of chips on the seafront).

Do you have any sweet Spring date's planned?

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