DIY Cardboard Cactus

While I was revamping my little ones bedroom, there was a little spot on the shelf, perfect spot for a plant! I've always loved the idea of making little plants and flowers to decorate the home, and so finally I decided to make something! These Cardboard Cacti were so easy to make, and I think they look adorable, if I do say so myself. No need to worry about under/over watering either with these fella's!

To make a Cardboard Cactus you will need;
* Thick Cardboard
* Acrylic Paint
* Thinner Cardboard
* Craft Knife

1. First you are going to want to create a template on the thinner cardboard. Draw a cactus shape in a plant pot, or find a template online - make sure it's in a pot though or it won't stand up!
2. Cut out the template shape on the thinner cardboard and draw around it on the thick cardboard so you have 2 identical cacti shapes. Cut them both out.
3. Paint both sides of both cacti how ever you like!
4. Draw a light pencil line, using a ruler - one on of the cacti draw a line from the top to just over half way down. On the other cacti draw a line from the bottom to just over half way up. 
5. Using your craft knife, cut along those lines. Be sure to not cut all the way through on either!
6. Carefully slot the pieces together through the cuts you made, and you should be done! You may need to wiggle it a tiny bit to get it stable and flat.

What do you think of these Cardboard Cacti?

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