Getting The Garden Ready For Summer

Any sign of sunshine, (or pretty much if it's warm enough and not icy!) then we will be out in the garden! During the winter months though we do tend to leave the garden alone. Unfortunately let the clutter build up, the outside toys scattered across the garden, the grass grows tall and the plants become overgrown. It's just not the sort of thing you want to be doing during the colder days, when all you want to do is be snuggled up indoors! But Spring has (hopefully) now arrived and Summer will be on the way soon which means lots and lots of time spent outside! So before we can really enjoy the garden again, we need to get it sorted out! 

Getting The Garden Ready For Summer

{This is a collaborative post}

Clear Up
Before we can make the garden look pretty again, it definitely needs a good clearing up! Sort away the garden toys, take some bits and bobs to the tip and sort out the empty pots and flowerbeds! Oh, not to mention, we really need to mow the lawn!

Create A Comfortable Place To Relax
If you're going to be spending a lot of time in your garden during the Summer months, like we are, you're going to want to create a comfy place to relax. You could create a cosy seating area with outdoor cushions, or treat yourself to a gorgeous new hammock to kick back and relax in! You can buy some great hammocks online too!

Plant Some Flowers
Last year was the first time I've ever properly gardened. We actually made our garden look how a real garden should and planted loads of plants and flowers, filled up the flowerbeds. Had fresh herbs growing, vegetables and sunflowers. I want to make sure there's loads growing this year, so my little ones and I have already planted some veggie seeds & sunflowers, but I've got a big selection of wildflowers and bee friendly flowers I need to get planted too! 

Get Some Patio Furniture
I'd really love to get some more patio furniture this year! Groupon have a lot of amazing deals on at the moment, so it's definitely worth a look! I remember last year when we spent loads of time in the garden, we just didn't have anywhere to sit! We currently have one (slightly wobbly) table and a single chair! That's not enough for a family, let alone if we have guests over. I'd really love to get a nice wooden bench and perhaps a table and chairs set too. Perfect for those warm spring days, and cosy summer nights.

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