If You Looked....#2

If you looked into my home..
You'd see it's a lived in, comfortable family home. Lots of drawings scattered around and colouring pens, toy's galore, photos and artwork across the walls. Fresh flowers, houseplants and lots of cosy throws on the sofa to snuggle under.

If you looked on my table..
You'd see I'm really loving all the Spring flowers and plants at the moment. They're taking over the table a bit, but they're just so pretty.

If you looked in my wardrobe..
You'd see I've put away my winter clothing (to try to encourage the warmer weather!), and there's lots of Spring dresses and tops which I cannot wear until it warms up!

If you looked in my living room..
You'd see my little ones playing so nicely together. They are being so sweet to each other at the moment. My little guy will probably be holding Peppa & George and my little girlie will probably be playing with an LOL doll. 

If you looked in my bag..
You'd see I haven't sorted it out for a while. It's full of receipts, reusable shopping bags, nappies and snacks for the little ones! Oh not to mention this book *, which my little guy is obsessed with at the moment!

If you looked in my bed..
You'd see lots of big comfy cushions. In amongst those cushions you'll probably spot two cute little ones snuggled in there. If I'm honest, I love having night time snuggles so I don't mind at all.

If you looked on my desk..
You'd see 101 notebooks, post it notes and lots of paperwork that needs to be dealt with. I'm very unorganised.

If you looked in my arms..
You'd see my babies. They are the cuddliest children I have ever met, and I'd like to think that's down to me. We are a very cuddly family. The first thing we do in the morning, and the last thing we do at night is have a cuddle and a kiss. 

If you looked in my heart..
You'd see my loving family.
You'd see my awesome husband.
You'd see my amazing friends.
You'd see my sweet little babies. 
You'd see my heart is so full of love. 

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