Get On Your Bike! {With Halfords}

* This is a collaborative post

I've loved riding my bike for as long as I can remember. I used to cycle it down the hill by my house (where my dad taught me to ride without stabilizers), I remember cycling to primary school when I was older, and I even took a 'bike safety class' at school. I often cycled to my friends house and I'd cycle to the shop any chance I got. I then later used to cycle to work and college.

Nowadays I only really use my bike for quick trips to the shop but I really love it. Cycling is such great exercise, encourages you to get some fresh air and feel the wind on your face, not to mention it helps reduce your carbon footprint! 

When I was in secondary school, we went on a residential and it was very much an outdoors based trip, exploring nature and trying out a few new sports. One of those sports we tried was Mountain Biking, and I really enjoyed it. It felt so different to the countryside bike rides I was used to, but at the same time, I felt like it was something I could definitely take up as a hobby. I'd really love to try it again now I'm a bit older. {Halfords have a fab guide for beginners interested in mountain biking!}

But for now, until I can try mountain biking again, i'll continue hopping on my bike at any opportunity! I really recommend you doing so too. (Halford's have a big range of bikes, and mountain bikes too!) So, perhaps, if you just need to pop down the road or grab something from the shop, why not go on your bicycle instead of driving? You'll not only be helping the environment, but you'll help yourself feel better too!

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