Paper Daisy Chains {Craft}

One of my favourite things to make are garlands. They are so fun, versatile and are an easy way to update any room. You can personalise them, turn them into seasonal decor - whatever you fancy! As Spring is here and lots of beautiful flowers are beginning to grow, I wanted to make a flower themed garland. So I whipped up these super sweet, but super easy Paper Daisy Chains!

For this Paper Daisy Chain you will need:
* White card
* Yellow Card
* Embrodiery Thread or String
* Glue

1. First thing first, you'll want to cut out some daisy shapes from white card. Use a template or freehand them, you'll need two flower shapes per daisy.

2. Glue two daisy shapes together, and gently curl up the edges using a round pen or pencil

3. Cut out some yellow circles for the inside of the daisies and stick them on.

4. Once that's all dry, you'll simply need to attach them to your thread/wool and pin the garland up!

As I said before, I'm all about the quick, easy crafts - and these daisy chains are certainly quick and easy to make but they are also so cute!

The perfect way to add a little Spring into your home
Have you made a flower garland before?

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