Peppa Pig World - Grand Preview Event

This weekend has been such a busy one for us! My family and I were invited to an exclusive event at Peppa Pig World, to have a sneak preview of the 2 brand new rides! We have previously visited Peppa Pig World in the past, my little ones have always been huge Peppa fans, but my little boy is particularly obsessed at the moment! So it was so exciting for all of us to be asked to attend.

As soon as our royal invitation arrived in the post, we couldn't wait for the big day! It was really lovely that the first event I attended as a blogger, was one my little ones could enjoy too. It made it so much more special. (I was so nervous on the day though!), but we had such a great time.
Peppa Pig World is located inside the fabulous family theme park that is Paultons Park. I remember visiting Paultons Park when I was a child, it's changed and expanded so much! It's an amazing place to visit, there are so many different areas to explore.
When we arrived at the event we were given our VIP passes (we felt so special!) and we headed inside the park towards the new area for the Grand Preview Event. There was so much going on, it was all so exciting!
We, of course, immediately wanted to hop on the new rides! We climbed aboard Grampy Rabbit's Sailing Club ride first. It's a really sweet, gentle boat ride that glides you around the river, allowing you to take in all the beautiful scenery and hopefully spot Peppa & some of her friends along the way.

{You can spot King Daddy Pig and Sir George having a spot of lunch with Princess Peppa and Grandpa Pig Wizard on the way around!}

It was a really nice, peaceful ride. Perfect for really tiny tots, and grown ups too! Your little ones will have lots of fun sailing along and see what different characters they can spot!
After that gentle boat ride, we decided to head up a little higher and try out the second new ride - The Queen's Flying Coach Ride! The Queens Flying Coach ride is a fun, treetop monorail, where you can sit in one of the Queen's lovely coaches and ride along the track, starting at the Queen's castle, with glorious views of all of Peppa Pig World. Again, it's a really gentle ride, perfect for really little ones, or big kids alike. It was so fun to see a new type of ride arrive in the park!

Personally, I think both of these new additions are fantastic! They bring something a little different to the park, they are great for the younger children who perhaps might not enjoy the faster rides in the park, and I really love how both of these rides intertwine with each other. As you can sail in Grampy Rabbit's Sailing Club below, while the Queen's Flying Coach ride glides high up above you!
In the new area of the park you can also find The Queen's Kitchen, a new cafe & the perfect place to grab a bite to eat after enjoying the two fabulous new rides!
After we test drived the rides, (the first time anyway) we were given a complimentary drink, and the little ones were given a delicious pink cupcake. Then who did we happen to spot coming over to us? Mummy Pig & Daddy Pig! The little ones were so excited! 

They received lots of cuddles and my husband got the seal of approval on his Daddy Pig Hoodie, from Daddy Pig himself! Haha.

We then decided to explore the remainder of the park, grab a spot of lunch in Daddy Pig's Big Tummy Cafe and have a run around in George's Spaceship Playzone
Aside from the two new rides, there are lots of rides to enjoy in Peppa Pig World including; Windy Castle Ride (If I'm honest, this made me so dizzy!), Daddy Pig's Car Ride.

Grandpa Pig's Little Train, Peppa's Big Balloon Ride, George's Dinosaur Adventure (my personal favourite!) 

Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Flight and Grandpa Pig's Boat Trip!

After having fun on all the rides in the park, (trying out the new ones, again) and meeting Peppa & George - we were all exhausted! 

It was such an amazing day, we all had so much fun and I am very impressed with the new rides, I know you're going to love them too!
{The new rides; The Queen's Flying Coach Ride & Grampy Rabbit's Sailing Club will be officially open to the public on 16/05}
Thank you so much to Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park for inviting us to your event! We had so much fun, hopefully see you again soon!

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